Talent Acquisition


The right people equal the right results – Worldgate excels at providing our clients with the right people for the job.

Worldgate leverages our proven talent acquisition methodology which has led to efficient and rapid placement of business professionals who solve complex challenges for our clients. Worldgate understands our clients and we are excellent at matching talent to their needs and culture.

To secure the top talent for our clients, Worldgate works within our 3-stage talent acquisition model.



Worldgate embraces each opportunity and the identification process is critical when recruiting effectively. We take the initiative to meet and learn about the requirements and scope of work for each position. Worldgate works with our clients to understand the work environment, corporate culture, and other intangibles to ensure a successful placement.



Worldgate recruiters evaluate candidates in a tiered approach depending on the requirements. Typically the first tier includes an initial phone screen to respondent candidates with submitted resumes. Tier two typically requires an in-person interview giving us the ability to assess intangibles and to ensure each candidate is a correct match for the client.



After our candidate evaluation is completed, Worldgate will propose a candidate profile and resume for review in a timely manner. If accepted, Worldgate will coordinate introductions and logistics to accelerate the hiring process.

The ultimate goal of Worldgate’s implemented acquisition model is to acquire the right candidate to match the specific opportunity. Our strategy is easily repeatable and can be customized to fit the requirements and scope of almost any client.


Worldgate commits itself to the ongoing growth and development of all our employees. Each employee is a valued team member of the Worldgate family and Worldgate employs a retention strategy to keep our talented resource base advancing for our client. Worldgate’s established ISO certified processes efficiently assess employee performance and we identify and offer training so that our employees can advance their knowledge base and skill sets.