We love working with people – Worldgate believes training connects people to technology.

Worldgate employs a four-phase process to effectively train organizational users to ensure successful organizational change. Worldgate’s methods are based in accepted change management practices and the widely accepted ADDIE model. Worldgate’s training model has proven extremely successful because it is repeatable and effective. Worldgate trainers work with people so that they are empowered by technology. We stay at the bleeding edge of technology in order to expand our knowledge base and stay ahead of the curve. Worldgate’s four training phases are highlighted below:


Phase 1 - Analyze

Know your audience. Identify goals, objectives and timelines which define success.

Phase 2 - Design

Build your training. Develop a delivery medium and include accompanying materials customized for your audience.

Phase 3 - Implement

Deliver training to the people. Facilitate discussion and maintain audience involvement.

Phase 4 –Evaluate & Support

Solicit feedback and grade effectiveness. Listen for opportunities to improve delivery. Follow up with your audience.