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Worldgate is a specially-qualified UKG partner

While we provide top-notch IT support for any K-12 school system or Public Sector client, we also offer project managers, training and various customizable support options. We are certified and uniquely qualified to implement and support UKG’s time-tracking products.

Valuing People

At Worldgate, we believe the most valuable component within your enterprise isn’t expensive hardware or a sophisticated app – it’s the people behind it. While you focus on making a difference in the lives of your students or constituents, our technology experts will tackle your toughest IT challenges and keep your systems running smoothly.

Why Worldgate?

No other consulting services firm knows the unique IT-staffing needs of K-12 and Public Sector systems like Worldgate. For nearly 20 years we have worked with some of the nation’s top U.S school systems and municipalities to strategically and cost-effectively assemble teams of experienced Project Managers, Business Analysts, Trainers and other IT staff members. This has enabled our clients to focus on what is most important: their students, staff members, constituents and communities.


Key Areas of Innovation and Service


Project Management

Worldgate can supply the responsive and adaptable technology experts your project requires. Whether it's UKG or a different software installation, our skilled project managers can work alongside your staff to collaborate, support and help you achieve your IT goals.


Business Analysis

Our thoughtful business analysts serve as the bridge between business processes and technology solutions. They work across all levels of your organization to close the gap between the functional and technical areas of your enterprise.



Training should be developed and
delivered in an engaging way to keep your people excited. Let Worldgate
provide expert trainers who will embrace a learner mindset and motivate your
staff to discover more.


Help Desk

Not only can Worldgate help you find welcoming and capable staff members to manage your frontline help desk – as a certified UKG partner, we can also help you implement the software!

Why Choose Us?

We proudly conduct our work according to the Worldgate WAY

Our mission is to provide our clients with the highest quality service that enables them to be their best for their stakeholders, to provide a great place to work for our employees that empowers them to be their best selves, and to give back to our communities in the best way that we can.


Valuing and Serving Our Community

As part of our mission to be generous with our time and give back to our communities, Worldgate is very involved with supporting  the needs of local children. Specifically,  our team donates time and financial resource to support programs for children with food insecurity. We hope to help combat hunger in their households and ideally reduce the profound effect of hunger on development and the ability to learn.  We also have a strong commitment to helping youth sports so that children can learn the value of teamwork and leadership through these sports programs.  Please consider reaching out to broaden this support of our next generation.