Production Support

Help Desk – Becoming the Frontline for Your Customers

Whenever a new system or initiative launches, supporting your user community is critical to success. Calls and emails need to be answered and resolved quickly in order to ensure your teams are embracing the new paradigm.

Often times, your existing help desk may not be fully staffed to support this initial influx of requests. Worldgate can find the right people to support your help desk staff, and we can also help you implement the software to support it!  We have assisted many K-12 and State and Local Government customers by placing responsive and welcoming Help Desk team members to support their short- or long-term needs.

A help desk acts as the frontline to your end customers, and they contribute to the successful adoption of technologies within your culture. Highly functional help desks require a blend of proper staffing levels, developed service level agreements, efficient ticketing software, strong management and continuous training. Worldgate works with our clients to ensure these areas are supported and the help desk is providing high-quality customer service.

What You Can Expect from a Successful Help Desk Employee

Communicates effectively in a positive, patient and professional manner

Resolves all Customer Challenges, the first time, while maintaining positive rapport

Excels in communication and customer service skills

Thinks critically and skillfully troubleshoots IT issues

Understands Ticketing Systems

Exhibits attributes of thoughtfulness, dependability, and punctuality