Strategic Staffing

Strategic Staffing Services For Your Information Technology Needs

We have successfully provided thoughtful and adaptable talent in key Information Technology areas including Project Management, Change Management, Business Analysis, Training and Help Desk.

At Worldgate, we recruit, hire, retain and develop people who have the knowledge, skills and desire to support your mission. Achieving your goals starts with finding the right professionals for your project. The end result – a team that delivers success at every stage.

As a specially-qualified UKG partner, we can provide top-notch IT support for any K-12 school district or Public Sector client looking to implement a UKG time and attendance system. We can also provide diverse and adaptable IT experts who can support other stand-alone products. Whether you are taking on a new strategic initiative that requires a specialized team, or you simply have a shorter term project that requires a few highly-skilled additions to your current staff - Worldgate can help you achieve these goals. Worldgate has successfully supported a number of clients in the K-12 and State and Local Government sectors with these staffing needs. Not only do we have successful past performance, but we also have a keen understanding of your unique culture and how things get done. We know that for you to be successful, you must deliver for your students or constituents, and we will find the right people with the right experience and the right personality to succeed within those environments. Worldgate leverages our proven talent acquisition methodology which has led to efficient and rapid placement of willing and responsive business professionals who embrace a learner mindset to solve complex challenges for our clients.

Worldgate understands our clients and we are excellent at matching talent to their needs and culture.

To secure the top talent for our clients, Worldgate works within our 4-stage talent acquisition model.



Worldgate embraces each opportunity and the identification process is critical when recruiting effectively. We take the initiative to meet and learn about the requirements and scope of work for each position. Worldgate works with our clients to understand the work environment, corporate culture, and other intangibles to ensure a successful placement.



Worldgate recruiters evaluate candidates in a tiered approach depending on the requirements. Typically, the first tier includes an initial phone screen to respondent candidates with submitted resumes. Tier two typically requires an in-person interview giving us the ability to assess intangibles and to ensure each candidate is a correct match for the client.



After our candidate evaluation is completed, Worldgate will propose a candidate profile and resume for review in a timely manner. If accepted, Worldgate will coordinate introductions and logistics to accelerate the hiring process.



Worldgate commits itself to the ongoing growth and development of all our employees. Each employee is a valued team member of the Worldgate family and Worldgate employs a retention strategy to keep our talented resource base advancing for our client. Worldgate’s established processes efficiently assess employee performance and we identify and offer training so that our employees can advance their knowledge base, according to the Worldgate WAY.