Business Analysis

Building a Bridge Between Business and Technology

We are aware that sometimes you just need help to execute a project or initiative and you can’t do it with your current team. You need someone who can come in and collaborate with you and support you in achieving your goals. These can often be for more immediate short term needs, or ongoing for multiple projects.

Worldgate has had great success in finding the Business Analysts you need that have the experience in either the software or the strategic initiative, but more importantly, have experience working within your unique environments.

Worldgate business analysts understand our customers and culture and strive to deliver successful IT projects for our clients. Our business analysts have successfully supported a number of school districts and state and local government clients as part of both large and small scale IT implementations. At Worldgate, our business analysts take pride in knowing the work we do enables our nation’s school districts and local governments to improve education and delivery quality services to their constituents.

We define the role of business analyst as the bridge between business processes and technology solutions. Our business analysts work to close the gap between the functional and technical areas by working with people. By working with our client stakeholders across the organization, our analysts ensure technology is supporting the client to meet the needs of their business. Our analysts take core business requirements and specialized technical knowledge to work to advance our clients’ Information Technology objectives. Our mission is to ensure delivery of real organizational benefits through the effectiveness of the business analyst role.

Essential Business Analyst Skillsets for A Successful Enterprise Project
  • Precise written and verbal communication
  • Knowledge of how technology systems integrate together
  • Ability to identify and mitigate risk
  • Gather functional and technical requirements
  • Work closely across all areas within an organization
  • Open productive communication