Change Management Services

Need Your Team to Embrace Change?

Worldgate Has You Covered!

Worldgate can partner with you as you launch a new program or initiative. Our thoughtful and adaptable change managers can work with your staff to ensure that all of your stakeholders are considered, and that there are communication and training plans in place that allow your staff to “embrace change,” not just adopt it. Our change management approach integrates with a number of leading frameworks, enabling flexibility as you progress through your change.

Worldgate believes that the implementation of innovations in K-12 and public sector require some level of focus on change management to optimize the likelihood of adoption and success. It is not the innovation itself that delivers the value to an organization, but how users improve the way they are doing their work that delivers the benefit.

To provide the best return and smoothest adoption, a change management approach must be:

Grounded in proven change management principles

Focused on the desired outcomes and results

Sensitive to the culture of the organization

Iterative – starts with base effort and expands

Our consultants are knowledgeable of and experienced in the many theories and approaches to change management, and have worked with various clients across K-12 and Public Sector to understand the unique operating cultures. We work with clients to customize and adapt the best change management approach for a situation and budget.


Change Management Tool

When Worldgate provides change management services for a client, our consultants bring with them the Worldgate Change Management Toolkit. The Worldgate Toolkit, featuring 300+ digital assets, is methodology agnostic, and supports all change management models. It includes a compatibility guide to help our consultants find the best assets to utilize in each client situation, selecting from fifteen different change management approaches. Some of the change management models included are ADKAR, AIM, GE CAP, Kubler Ross Change Curve and Prosci, to name a few.


To learn more, please contact us for a demonstration of our toolkit.