Service Delivery

Our Proven Service Delivery Methodology Ensures Success

With strong roots in strategic staffing services, Worldgate has increasingly expanded our portfolio of project based engagement work for clients across the K-12 and Public Sector market. We have enjoyed great success in working with our clients to deliver on key strategic projects, focusing on all aspects of an initiative to help our clients ensure success including project management, solution architecture, change management , training, on-going support, etc

Not only do we have the technical expertise on staff to deliver on many new technology platforms in the market today, but we have a keen recognition that many of the challenges that our clients face not only revolve around the technology itself, but also on the people and process aspects of deploying new solutions within their organizations. Our clients tell us time and time again that in addition to the project leadership, deep industry expertise and technical skills we bring to projects, our critical focus on the importance of integrating a change management program into our delivery of projects is key to their success. We understand the fundamental connection between the people using the system and the technology of the system. Our change management focus is brought to every engagement to ensure our team is always thinking about the “whos” and “hows”.

When projects involve developing new solutions, Worldgate most often proposes an Agile based approach allowing for iterative development, customer review and participation, and providing excellent visibility and tracking of the work process. An Agile-based implementation allows the team to build the new features, in a priority fashion, and release them incrementally over time so that the client can reap increasing benefits starting sooner after project kickoff than with traditional waterfall approaches. Our methodology incorporates the basic core agile principles and can also apply elements of complimentary methods (Kanban, traditional SDLC, etc.) as best fits the project currently in development.


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Our Software Partner

As a service provider with a strong focus on the K-12 and Public Sector market, we look to partner with software providers who have specifically recognized that your needs are different than those of a commercial organization. These partners have invested in their software solutions to cater to the specific needs of K-12 school districts and State & Local Government and are looking for partners like Worldgate to provide exceptional service delivery capabilities which honor the uniqueness of these organizations and their culture.

Partnering with Worldgate to support the implementation of our partner software providers ensures a winning combination of technology innovation and exceptional implementation skills. This combination helps ensure a successful implementation for our clients and to improved speed to delivery of the benefits you expect when making an investment in these technologies.

What You Can Expect from a Successful Project Manager

High proficiency with project management software/tools/principles, as well as standard web design/build process

Leadership and management experience

Willing and able to work under deadline pressure

Resourcefulness–knowing how to get things done

Ability to manage multiple complex projects, with a focus on risk management

Excellent writing and editing skills with strong attention to detail

Stellar ability to motivate and direct people with strong collaboration and cross-functional team building skills