We Make It Easy

Working With Us is Easy

In all that we do, whether strategic staffing services or full-scale service delivery, Worldgate is founded on providing quality service to our clients. This means that every decision we make will prioritize our customers and your success.

We have invested in a number of contract vehicles so that we make it easy to do business with us.

Georgia - Covendis

Georgia – Fulton County Schools Information Technology Consulting Services Contract

Maryland - CATS+

Massachusetts - Management Consultants, Program Coordinators and Planners Services Statewide Contract- PRF61 for Business Process Redesign Services (BPR)

Pennsylvania - ITQ (Pennsylvania Department of General Services)

Pennsylvania - COSTARS 3 & 6

Texas – Region 19 Allied States Cooperative

Virginia - VITA IT Contingent Labor

Virginia – Fairfax County Information Technology Staff Augmentation Contract