How Did You
Get Here?

Scott Montgomery always hears the question, How Did You get Here? Now he is ready to share the answer.

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Who is Scott Montgomery?

Scott Montgomery was not set up for success. His childhood was chaotic and his reputation for being silly, hyper and unfocused preceded him. In his college years, he developed bad habits, flunked out and started down a slippery slope towards failure. So how did he end up leading a thriving management consulting firm and coaching other entrepreneurs toward a path to success?

That’s the question that Montgomery answers in his debut book, How Did You Get Here? The bestselling author shares the story of his upbringing and how he developed effective habits. He also tells the reader how he built a mindset that has allowed him to transform his life and become the business leader that he is today. Montgomery doesn’t hold back, offering truthful anecdotes and inspiring insights into what it takes to be a successful leader.

What’s Inside?

Each chapter in How Did You Get Here?  focuses on one practice or skill that Scott Montgomery has developed on his path to leadership.

Take notes from his journey and forge your own path.

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You will learn:

The importance of forming, maintaining, and categorizing relationships appropriately

How habits, routine, and goal-setting allow you to show up at peak performance

How leadership coaching has benefited his career, and how it can benefit yours

The formation, history, and culture of Worldgate LLC. Why the lessons he has learned in business has made him a better father and husband

Not everyone believes that they can maintain the balance of running a business, building a family, and achieving their financial goals. Scott Montgomery shows that this is possible, even if you are not set up for this type of success.

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Gain More Wisdom for Your Journey

Scott Montgomery is also a contributing author in the book Success Mindsets.