Underestimating Organization Change Management

The driving force behind truly integrating technology in education

Written by Scott Montgomery

As a management services company partnering with K-12 districts across the county, Worldgate has often witnessed district organizations hoping to achieve major change invest heavy into technology solutions while underestimating the investment needed in their people and processes. Districts who are able to marry their people and process with new enterprise technologies do so by recognizing the need for an Organizational Change Management strategy.

There are some awesome and innovative technology solutions in the education market today, but are all too often not fully embraced by a district due to an underestimation of the effort needed for Organizational Change Management during implementations. Most district goals are not about the technology itself, but rather about the student achievement, process improvements, staff development and becoming a more data driven organization, that are meant to come as a result of the technology. Just “turning it on” does not automatically deliver the change that districts REALLY need or desire.

Organizational Change Management succeeds when it driven by the top levels of district leadership with an aligned focus on the processes, organizational staff and cultural issues that arise from the implementation of new technology. Buying in to the right Organizational Change Management strategy can be the key to not just adopting a new system, but embracing it across all levels on the organization while minimizing the disruption of the new technology to the main mission of a district, which is to educate children.

As an implementation partner specialized in the K-12 vertical, Worldgate emphasizes Organizational Change Management when implementing innovative suite of business applications to educational institutions across the US. Our mission is to help our education customers innovate and transform their business. Our industry focused services serve as a natural complement to many industry focused suite of applications and can help provide a true value to our customers.